It is believed that all slot machines are equal. New options have emerged as entertainment continues to grow and new types of games are being developed.It is believed that all slot machines are equal. New options have emerged as entertainment continues to grow and new types of games are being developed.

This is a list of five different types of slot machines. It shows the trends and rules that have been applied in this environment due to the emergence of new styles and rules among players.

Apparently, all the slots are similar, but there are differences in the game strategy and, basically, in the latest technology designs, which have come to facilitate the experience for the players.

Types of slots

There have been reduced to five examples of slot machines, but there are a variety of different game models. A representative sample has been made of the diversity of styles to choose from.

  1. Classic Slots:

The conservative slots have three drums and a very traditional style. They are based on the designs that became popular at the end of the 19th century, where the winning alternatives were represented with fruits, usually cherries or apples and a number could also appear, such as 7.

This design made you one of the most popular slot machines. The way to win is quite easy because it has a single line that provides the payment and the victory is obtained by getting three symbols or equal numbers on the line.

From this model, all the other slots have been derived, adding multiple game options; as well as, accessories and functions that have made the games more interesting.

  1. Video Slots:

These machines have become a more advanced version of the old so-called classic slots. They have certain characteristics that differentiate them from other types of devices intended for distraction.

You can distinguish two particularities, among which is the number of reels, which can be between 5 and 7. Some video models have included 9 drums in total, to make the game more interesting and lucrative.

Another of the qualities they present is the variation in the number of lines, which are arranged for payment. You can find a few payment lines, such as 10 and others that have more than 200 lines, which can reach up to 241, which makes them a very attractive machine to obtain payments.

In addition to these fundamental differences, other aspects that influence, in a very ingenious way, the development of the game and give it greater complexity can be considered. Among them are the icons that must be used to complete the winning lines, such as the Scatter or Dispersion symbol and the Wild, which is defined as a Wild icon.

These characters are used randomly as they arise in the drums, and can win fabulous prizes when placed correctly. It is important to note that each game establishes the conditions for using these special symbols.

The modern design of these machines allows providing the player a series of extra rounds, in which you can get many bonuses; as well as, additional free spins, which is an advantage to obtain higher profits.

  1. Progressive Slots:

These machines are the center of attraction for players, who want to accumulate profits gradually. The procedure is to set aside an amount in each of the bets and this percentage is aimed at a larger prize, which is cumulative.

The way to earn this accumulated is hitting one of the lines for payment, which specifies the game or placing icons, according to the instructions that are indicated, until the moment someone gets it, the prize will continue to increase.

  1. 3D Slots:

They are part of the family of video slots. They are designed with magnificent graphics with movement and give the game a lot of fluidity, helping, to a great extent, to capture the attention of the player.

  1. They are not downloaded:

This type of games is developed, without the need to download any application. You just have to enter the site and start playing from the computer, mobile phone or tablet, when you think necessary.

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