Slots, interactive slot machine games, have revolutionized online casino gaming. Only casinos that use the same gaming software as i-slots can offer these i-slots slots. I-slots give players the chance to be part of the storyline unfolding before them while they spin their way to real money. It’s a truly unique experience that offers players an exclusive opportunity!

A short video will be shown to explain the plot and characters when you approach an i-slot device. After you have learned the basics, it is easy to get started and enjoy the excitement of the game. You will be presented with different scenarios and features based on how you spin.

A map will allow you to keep track of the story’s progress throughout gameplay. You can find bonus spins and scatters that will help you navigate the situations and hard cash.

Some of the most popular i-slots are:

Cash Cruise for Baby Boomers

The game starts in the “travel agency” and then random destinations are reached via the bonus round. Each destination is a unique slots game, with its own symbols, look, and bonus round.

As The Reel turns Part 1

This is a comedy-style soap opera that airs in Las Vegas Casino. This episode contains 7 scenes. The more you play, you’ll see more of the story.

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist

You can travel back to Paris in time as Remi Mouchard, an art thief, and Raoul Mouchard attempt an act that will shock the art world.

With their interactive storylines and bonuses, i-slots have revolutionized online casino gaming. The actions you take and the decisions that you make will affect the story.